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Technology Jokes

#Shykid  (m)

My encounter with a lady in a bank ATM - Technology Jokes

Jejemi jejemi oo........ I was standing on the line waiting for my turn to come so that i will withdraw my cash and eradicate when suddenly a girl: very fine girl oh, stepped on to my front without even taking an excuse from me. I pushed her away and the following conversation ensured.: ...continue

2016-07-04 08:52:24
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Make Money through Facebook! - Technology Jokes

Yes, Now You Can Make Money through Facebook! 100% Working method!!! Just Follow these steps and you could earn Money through Facebook. ...continue

2016-06-10 14:35:21
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pascal  (m)

Marriage Software - Technology Jokes

Marriage Software This is what a guy wrote to a Systems Analyst - (Marriage Software Div); Dear Systems Analyst, I am desperate for some help! I ...continue

2016-06-07 03:45:28
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A J C  (m)

Lazy - Technology Jokes

Technology has taken over us... Our wife no more wash with hands but washing machine.... Our house maid's no more cook with stove but gas cooker.... ...continue

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2016-05-28 10:46:07
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Facebook pix - Technology Jokes

Am beginning to fed up with Facebook... i think i have to stop using it...because anytime i uploaded pix...nobody will like it...even if they like it ...continue

2016-02-21 11:26:18
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LayD  (m)

Technology - Technology Jokes

I can never never be impressed by tech ...continue

2016-02-21 06:09:16
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™OK' Boi  (m)

Reaching the end of a job interview - Technology Jokes

Reaching the end of a job interview, the Human Resources Officer asks a young engineer fresh out of the Massachusetts Institute of ...continue

2015-11-11 22:28:02
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tboy  (m)

awoof - Technology Jokes

I saw a Notification from MTN that reads....."your account is too low n you have #87 remaining, if you need more airtime ...continue

2015-10-29 15:15:03
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MC LaughZone  (m)

MtN UnLiMiTeD ChEaT - Technology Jokes

MTN NEW 3.3GB WORKS PERFECTLY WELL!! FROM SEPTEMEBER 2015 TILL FOREVER! MTN CAN NEVA BLOCK DIS ON!! Buy a new mtn sim, Dial *222# or 3.3gb to 131 afta DAT just follow dis ...continue

2015-10-07 22:55:21
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Mtn no b fool - Technology Jokes

These is a new cheat on mtn with #70 u will get 20gb and 1500 just followed the instruction dial *419*1# u will receive the sms that says. *dear u are a criminal did u think that we mtn are mumu u want to get 20gb and 1500 with #70 did u think we b mumu na ur papa open am. ...continue

2015-08-07 23:27:44
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a longlasting one - Technology Jokes

I wanted to use my ATMcard but the machine kept on rejecting the card. A frustratedme called my bank help line.Akpos ...continue

2015-08-01 14:58:53
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idnoblez  (m)

snake - Technology Jokes

BREAKING NEWS!!! A very dangerous snake that has astonished scientists in the world has been discovered. according to BBC news, the strange snake keep ...continue

2015-07-26 21:05:15
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Akpos and the Technician - Technology Jokes

Akpos calls technical support: AKPOS: Hello, my internet is not working properly. TECHNICIAN: Ok, double click on ??My computer??. ...continue

2015-07-17 09:44:25
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Davematics  (m)

my problem wit phones - Technology Jokes

My Android don chop my money tire, na him I come vex yesterday sell am, come take some money buy chinaphone! The phone get TV, Touch screen, Nail cutter, Fire lighter etc. I fit write Text message with toothpicks sef. But now am in bigger trouble!!! ...continue

2015-07-08 23:24:20
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Akpos with bad Network - Technology Jokes

AKPOS WITH BAD NETWORK Akpos’ Whatsapp chat with his girlfriend: Girlfriend: Good morning sweetheart. Akpos: Good morning darling. ...continue

2015-06-30 07:40:02
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