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Money Jokes

Evergreen  (m)

funny accident - Money Jokes

An accident occured today,11 persons injured and 12 ...continue

2016-12-31 10:45:28
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10 billion - Money Jokes

A man had two children.His children loved him alot . Oneday he mistakely pour urine in his tea. The man became week. So he was a but die before he hi ...continue

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2016-12-12 05:35:28
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Yolawa  (m)

SMARTNESS - Money Jokes

One professor met a FULANI man in their community and asked him for a debate. The professor said to Fulani man: I would have ask you a question, if you you fail, you can give me #5000 cash but if you answer it right, I can give you #20,000 cash. They both agreed for the DEBATE. ...continue

2016-11-12 08:46:36
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Barman - Money Jokes

Hacklord went to a bar to relax his nerves this sunny afternoon. While at the bar Hacklord shouted and said to the barman; "Give me a bottle of small stout and give ...continue

2016-07-20 10:12:44
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withdrawal of sin - Money Jokes

I know come understand Nigerians again o,,,,,,, No money! No money!! Yet there's alwayz a long queue @ the ATM! Are they withdrawing their Sin? ...continue

2016-07-20 09:56:16
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sherifdeen  (m)

earn real money - Money Jokes

Earn real money online by working as a part time job easily, earn up to 2500$ dollars weekly guranteed join link at ...continue

2016-07-05 22:05:48
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Unlimited  (m)


Igbo woman has a child that is an actress, ,,,,One day as she was watching one of her daughter's movie, her daughter had an accident where one motor hit her down. ...continue

2016-06-13 11:54:58
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Get Rich Or Try Dieing - Money Jokes

I don laff tire today Abeg Check dis out:-----------+++++You wanted to be rich by all means so you went to a native doctor he said u will be the riche ...continue

2016-06-10 00:27:19
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prapra  (m)

Gold teeth - Money Jokes

You woke one day and discovered all your teeth had turned to gold and each one of it worth 5m naira ...continue

2016-05-25 02:24:47
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`Kolade¬  (m)

Typical Igbo Man. 2. - Money Jokes

An Igbo man had an accident wit his new BMW X6,he called a police officer &said: this man just come smash off d door of my BMW! My 6Million car is now condemned!. The police ...continue

2016-05-13 22:25:50
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`Kolade¬  (m)

Start Saving Abeg... - Money Jokes

My wedding is coming up on d 2nd of september 2016... Call my Sister 4 your IV's and clothes. Her number is +2348167104121 Ankara general, 250,000 ...continue

2016-05-06 07:59:43
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Mr xcluxive  (m)

How much Do you lose - Money Jokes

Your N500 fell out from your pocket and someone picked It, the person who picked it happens to owe you N100. So, the person paid you the N100 with the N500 and you gave Him Back A Change Of N400. ...continue

2016-04-16 21:09:06
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ATM WALAHA - Money Jokes

Today at the bank, a Fulani man goes to the ATM and withdraws all his money. Then goes inside the same bank and deposits the same money he withdrew te ...continue

2016-04-06 09:43:43
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Electricity Bill - Money Jokes

When ur life is in darkness pray 2 God ask him 2 free u 4rm darkness & after if u pray &ur still in darkness , pls pay ur ELECTRICIT ...continue

2016-04-01 06:29:48
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pascal  (m)

Nigeria can be broke - Money Jokes

Why can't you tell your girlfriend you're broke instead of forming? If an entire nation like Nigeria can be broke ,my brother ...continue

2016-03-17 22:24:22
579 Views, 0 Likes, 1 Comments
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