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Medical Jokes - Page 6

Nancy  (f)

Sick guy - Medical Jokes

There was this guy who was sick,so he went to the doctor.The doc ran some tests and sent him home with some medicine.The next day the doctor called and the wife answered. ...continue

2015-05-08 09:57:40
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flexzbang  (m)

psychiatric patient - Medical Jokes

Mumuni, who was in a mental hospital was being reviewed for possible release. When asked what he would do if released, he replied, "I am going to make a slingshot ...continue

2015-05-04 13:00:28
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Akpos the crazy doctor - Medical Jokes

Man: Doctor, am having memory loss . please help me out.Doctor Akpos: Your money is 5,000 Naira but you will give me 20,000 Naira and you have to come back a week today to collect back 15,000. With that i can now know if u are ok or not. And please don't tell anybody to remind you and don't write it down on paper. Meanwhile take this drugs and take them twice daily. ...continue

2015-05-01 11:21:26
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Bethni  (f)

Two Barring women - Medical Jokes

Mary and Jane are talking. Mary declares that she`s finally got pregnant after years of trying. `How did you manage it?` asks Jane. `I went to that hypnotherapist on the High Street,` replies Mary. ...continue

2015-04-15 18:21:17
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Nemypotter  (m)

foolish chemist - Medical Jokes

Akpos Goes Into A Chemist, Reaches Into His Pocket And Takes Out A Small Bottle And a Teaspoon. He Pours Some Liquid Into The Teaspoon ...continue

2015-04-10 18:11:15
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Akpos the hired boy - Medical Jokes

One day, a farmer was tending to his livestock when he noticed that one of his cows was completely cross-eyed. He called up a veterinarian friend of his who told him to bring in his cow. The vet took one look at the cow, stuck a tube up the cow's butt, and blew into the tube until the cow's eyes straightened out. The vet charged the farmer a hundred bucks, and the farmer went home happy. ...continue

2015-04-04 22:32:35
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SexyJoy  (f)

Husband needs rest - Medical Jokes

Doctor: Madam, your husband needs rest.Here are some sleeping pills to be taken.Wife: Doctor, when should I give pills to him?Doctor: Those pills are for you.!! ...continue

2015-03-31 08:21:07
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Chibuzo  (m)

Strange cure - Medical Jokes

A doctor wanted to get off work and go hunting, so he approached his assistant. “Akpos, I am going hunting tomorrow. I don’t want to close the clinic. I want you to take care of the clinic and take care of my patients.” ...continue

2015-03-23 22:28:15
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She wants it hard - Medical Jokes

A woman walks into a chemist’s and asks if they sell extra-large condoms. ‘Yes, we do,’ says the sales assistant. ...continue

2015-03-23 07:31:35
868 Views, 1 Likes, 0 Comments
Chibuzo  (m)

psychiatric Home - Medical Jokes

Two lunatics, Akpos and Angelina escaped from a psychiatric home. Only few blocks away from the psychiatric home, Akpos asked Angelina... ...continue

2015-03-19 20:51:09
453 Views, 0 Likes, 0 Comments

Igbo businessman screwing calabar girls - Medical Jokes

An Igbo businessman returns from Calabar where he is doing business. After a few days he notices strange irritating growth round his penis. ...continue

2015-03-18 09:11:05
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old lady and the doctor - Medical Jokes

An old lady goes to the doctor and says, "I have this problem with frequent gas. Fortunately, the farts never smell and are always silent. ...continue

2015-03-17 15:56:29
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Linda  (f)

A dying woman - Medical Jokes

The doctor, after an examination, sighed and said, ‘I’ve got some bad news. You have cancer, and you’d best put your affairs in order.’ ...continue

2015-03-09 09:33:53
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therapy session with three young mothers - Medical Jokes

A psychiatrist was conducting a group therapy session with three young mothers and their small children. "You all have obsessions," he observed. ...continue

2015-02-22 06:48:14
428 Views, 1 Likes, 1 Comments

The Hunter - Medical Jokes

A 90 yr old man goes to a doctor.He said:"Doctor, my 28yr old wife is pregnant, what's your opinion?"Doctor replies: "Let me tell you a story. A hunter in a hurry grabs an umbrella instead of his hunting rifle. He moves into the jungle, sees a lion, lifts the umbrella pulls the handle and....BANG!!!...d lion drops dead!" ...continue

2015-02-19 08:19:00
701 Views, 1 Likes, 1 Comments
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