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Chibuzo  (m)

Escape from yaba - Medical Jokes

Akpos escaped from Yaba Psychiatric Hospital. When he got home, he called the Psychiatric Hospital on phone and asked; “Is there any one in Room eight at Ward one?” ...continue

2015-06-18 09:31:03
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drivin 2 Abuja - Medical Jokes

At mental institution at lagos,one nurse went into one room and saw okon stirling his had lyk sumbdy who z driving. NURSE:what r u doing. Okon:im driving 2 Abuja. ...continue

2015-06-17 18:34:14
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Akpos and d phamarcist - Medical Jokes

Akpos was invited by his galfrnd 4 a dinner with her akpos was about 2 go he went 2 d phamarcist. AKPOS;Give me condom in about 2 go 2 my galfrnd house.we may make love.(as he war about 2 go he turn back).gv me another condom her sister has a pretty body i wil also make love 2 her.(as he was abt 2 lv he turn back.).gv me one more condom their mother is also pretty and sexy and use 2 look a charmin eye at me.i may make lvv c d dinner was set.akpos in d middle his galfrnd at right hand,galfrnd sisteq at d left.ther mummy face akpos was abt 2 pray.their father came back,imediately akpos bent down face very close 2 d table .after 10 minuter he was stil praying,10 minutes more he was stil praying.after anoder ten minutes he was stil praying everybdy was suprise.her gal frnd went 2 him. ...continue

2015-06-14 00:07:56
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Bleaching wahala - Medical Jokes

A lady walked into a doctors office, looking upset. Doc: Whats the problem young lady.? Lady: Doctor, please help me. Doc: And whats the problem.? ...continue

2015-06-13 23:07:30
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Mc embazidho  (m)

20k - Medical Jokes

An igbo engineer was fed up that he has not been seen customers,so he decided to open up a clinic where he wrote "treatment 20k but if not healed you get 100k"..a lawyer saw this n thought that this was a way to get an instant he went to the clinic..LAWYER:i have short eye sight.DOCTOR:nurse 2 drops of the medicine in the blue the nurse was about doing so..LAWYER:stop this is kerosine..DOCTOR:drop 20k u can now see..LAWYER ...continue

2015-06-09 17:24:24
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paragon  (m)

Very ugly - Medical Jokes

PATIENT: Doctor! I`m I ugly? DOCTOR: You`re not ugly. PATIENT: But everybody says I`m ugly! DOCTOR: Listen, you are not ugly! ...continue

2015-06-08 23:27:33
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Chuky D  (m)

Akpos the igbo man - Medical Jokes

An Igbo engineer called Akpos can't find a job so he opens a clinic and puts a sign outside 'GET TREATMENT FOR 20k - IF NOT CURED GET BACK 100k ...continue

2015-06-08 21:13:35
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Mc embazidho  (m)

8GB - Medical Jokes

..Please u guys should help me to pray for our neighbors daughter,she's been rushed to d hospital as I speak,she swallowed my 8GB memory card,and she ...continue

2015-06-08 07:49:59
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Mayor  (m)

akpors heart surgery - Medical Jokes

Akpos went for his heart surgery, having earned enough money through his pay-off after his retirement. The following conversation follows.AKPOS: Doctor, I`m so scared, I`ve never done this before and I heard it has killed lots of people. ...continue

2015-06-07 00:42:16
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Mayor  (m)

apkors the part time sweeper - Medical Jokes

It happened in a hospital in Warri, Delta State ... Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients died, in the same bed, every Sunday at 3pm. Doctors thought it ...continue

2015-06-06 11:14:33
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Donaldo  (m)

Heart surgery - Medical Jokes

Akpos went for his heart surgery, having earned enough money through his pay-off after his retirement. The following conversation follows... ...continue

2015-06-06 10:52:59
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lukmarz  (m)

Two mad men - Medical Jokes

There was a man bathing in a bathroom in an open house nd d man hang his towel @d door nd a mad man passing by went 2 where d man is bathing nd took h ...continue

2015-05-30 00:01:40
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Cute  (m)

The pregnant woman - Medical Jokes

There was a woman who was unable to put to bed a baby, the doctor said she had to be operated on before she could give birth. On the day of operation, ...continue

2015-05-25 20:43:52
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Did we pee today? - Medical Jokes

"Doctor, I have a problem...""What’s your problem?""I pee in my sleep, every night!""Why?""Oh, well... Every night, a little devil visits me in my sleep and asks me; &ldquo ...continue

2015-05-18 08:34:45
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adenixx  (m)

akpos the good Samaritan - Medical Jokes

Akpos and Mary were both patients in a mental hospital. One day while they were walking past the hospital swimming pool, Mary suddenly jumped ...continue

2015-05-11 07:48:40
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