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Akpos and the mad man. .: jokes Joke Of The Day 

It was in the evening when Akpos decided to eat with the only money(#300) in his pocket.
On reaching in the restaurant, he demanded #100 rice and #200 fish.
One young man wearing a jacket that stood beside him said "man you eat badly, eat any thing you like i will pay".
Out of joy Akpos rushed the waiter and demand for a plate of rice that worth #5000.
As he was eating he look up and see the same young man. "man i like to sit beside my friend when he is eating".
Akpos admitted him and give him a seat. After sometime the young man said to Akpos "Do you drink after eating".
Akpos nodded. "go and collect two bottles of drink."
After eating, Akpos went and collect two bottles of drink, as he finished drinking the first one, to open the second one his opener fell down he bend down to pick it, he then saw that his friend did not have any shoe and his trouser was tattered. (his friend is a madman).
The young man look at him and smiled you are dead. Is u and your God go take una eyes see what these people go do you".
Don`t laugh because Akpos is currently in police station for killing d mad man.

2015-06-21 19:44:43
caesoh (m)

Akpos deserved it.awof d pain belle o

2015-06-24 17:42:07
ALEX (m)


2015-06-24 18:45:53
bilkisu (f)

awuf don run akpos belle ooooo

2015-06-25 14:41:32

akpos na fool

2015-06-25 21:31:33
MR clown (m)


2015-06-27 00:44:16
heritage (f)


2015-06-27 13:21:00
teekay (f)


2015-06-28 02:01:11

Eya,akpos dear

2015-07-10 20:17:14

Eya,akpos dear

2015-07-10 20:17:39
Mr vini (m)

I trust akpos

2015-11-08 14:28:22
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