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Love Jokes

Am in love - Love Jokes

FINALLY AM IN LOVE AND I CANT DOUBLE DATE.... 😍😍💞💞💖💖💖 Am proud to talk about it to the public. Am proud to say this to my love, I cant stay a week without you. if I try it I will probably fall ill. ...continue

2017-04-20 15:50:11
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if it's you - Love Jokes

My people help me check dis if it is you can you do dat? I have a girlfriend. She is 21, while I am 25. She is using Blackberry and iphone while I am ...continue

2017-03-15 20:22:19
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Women of now are days likes.. - Love Jokes

HELLOOO MY COUNTRY PEOPLES...... nah the thing wey dey bordering my mind I one take share with you ooo 臘♂A man who has never lied to a woman has no respect for her feelings . ...continue

2017-03-09 11:46:52
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Girls eeh Girl-: Baby, i want to buy a new phone Boy-: Owk,, tell me about it Girl-: it's this new Tecno Phantom6..... Ive been saving up ...continue

2016-12-22 11:56:47
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Rapsodique  (m)

Mumu no get part 2 - Love Jokes

That awkward moment you are in the bus buying gala... Busy watching a lady crazy buttz on the road.... You mistakenly give the gala man your wallet che na money... ...continue

2016-12-06 18:46:45
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Value your love - Love Jokes

beg you in the name of God stop calling your loved ones names of cheap things like My sweet, Honey, Sugar, Chocolate etc. Some of these things cost about #100 or a little ...continue

2016-09-13 20:25:58
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Read This Conversation - Love Jokes

Girl: Sweety do you really love me and wish to marry me? BOY: Yes baby I love you will all my heart. GIRL: Really?? ...continue

2016-09-05 07:32:28
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A guy was in love - Love Jokes

A guy was in love with a girl but never had the guts to tell her. One night around 10, he gathered some courage & sent her a text with these ...continue

2016-08-26 11:24:01
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propose to a girl - Love Jokes

There are many ways to propose to a girl, you can also take her to d sky via helicopter & say "Marry Me or ...continue

2016-07-20 10:05:24
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BRETHREN PLS HELP OO, WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG IN THIS MATTER OOOO! My girlfriend called me on phone and she said: Hello honey, you know I love you so ...continue

2016-06-19 17:15:01
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P Girl  (f)

My problem - Love Jokes

My name is... I My problem ...continue

2016-06-18 01:32:40
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Isrealy  (m)

Why i stopped falling in love - Love Jokes

I still remember me and her together dreaming of how we both will endup being together with our children and great grandchildren but, unfortunately a tragedy occurred that almost gave me a terrible heart attack, Onyema my love was raped by unknown men on her way to church one Monday morning, but still yet i overlooked it all because of my great love for her, to me she was my joy, happiness and source of inspiration, i wake up every morning and thankGod because of her""" two months after she was raped we got married only to discover that she was already two months pregnant as a result of the Rape, i accepted her regardless of insults from family and friends,,,,,,,,,,,, but ten years after our marriage they was still no issue between us both although i accepted her child as if it were mine, until one faithful afternoon when a man dress on native with a prado jeep drove to my house in search of me and my wife, i noticed something strange because immediately he came into my house the countenance of my wife changed," it was then that he told me how he and my wife Onyema had been seeing each other at my back so many years ago, he also had been married for years without an issue but he remember being told by my wife that he got her pregnant, at first i taught i was dreaming but after 10mins i regain myself back, this time my wife's eyes were just soaked in tears and i can tell from her expression that it's all true""" I never imagined in life that Onyema would have broken my heart this way""" i had no option than to let the child go to his real father because one day he will eventually find out the truth, well as for Onyema i divorced her few weeks after the shocking revelation since then i have been alone in shock with regrets all night long, i have also made a vow never to fall in love again because love is very very wicked""""" everyday i ask myself why me ...continue

2016-06-10 00:30:38
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Galz is dis True - Love Jokes

1. Tell your girlfriend "I LOVE YOU". She will say "I LOVE YOU TOO". 2. Tell her " I MISS YOU". She will say "I MISS YOU TOO". 3. Tell her " I love you soo much". She will say "I love you more and more". ...continue

2016-05-26 13:42:07
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Lexzytee  (m)

Faithful Man - Love Jokes

Before Sex Boy : Baby Are You Ready ? Girl : Yes Am Ready Love We Have Been Waiting For This For 4 Years Now. Boy : Yes We Have Love. ...continue

2016-05-14 04:25:28
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Starry  (m)


What is love Love is when your husband catches you naked ...continue

2016-04-27 00:32:49
1059 Views, 1 Likes, 3 Comments
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