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funnyMouth  (m)

Funny but true - Joke Of The Day

A Rev Sister who is a nurse by profession saw the high rate at which young people are being infected with HIV and decided to embark on awareness creation. ...continue

2015-10-31 07:03:46
13813 Views, 6 Likes, 8 Comments

Akpos and his friend Okon - Joke Of The Day

Akpos and his friend Okon was about to travel for 12 months course in UK. while at the airport, Okon received a text on his phone. "Be reminded that if you don't recharge, make calls or send text with this your line for 3 months, your line will be blocked and can never be reactivated again." ...continue

2015-10-29 11:36:33
14919 Views, 5 Likes, 1 Comments
funnyMouth  (m)

The wise man - Joke Of The Day

A man was going through a forest. He was tired and sat under a tree to rest. Near the tree were some bushes. In the bushes he heard a whistle. The man got up and went to look. He saw a bottle lying under a bush. The whistle was coming from inside the bottle. ...continue

2015-10-28 15:21:36
16074 Views, 2 Likes, 6 Comments
Gentility  (m)

PRISON IN BED - Joke Of The Day

He got married to a Virgin, on their wedding night d lady said honey i havnt had sex b4 so i dnt kno hw its done pls teach me. D man turned to her nd said ur private tin is a prison nd mine is a prisoner all we hav to do is to put d prisoner in d prison d wife smiled nd noded in agreement. After d first round d wife was so excited cuz she enjoyed it so she turned to her hus nd said honey d prisoner has escaped d man smiled nd said "lets imprison him again". After d second round the man was so ...continue

2015-10-27 12:32:09
14537 Views, 7 Likes, 6 Comments
segxybobo  (m)

Akpos Dad - Joke Of The Day

My dad and my mum were watching one American movie yesterday evening, when I heard the sound from the movie, I decided to join them, as we were ...continue

2015-10-26 13:52:44
18323 Views, 8 Likes, 20 Comments
Nancy  (f)

Not what she thought - Joke Of The Day

A young girl visited her elder sister. The married elder sister rushed to the market to buy some food stuff. The junior sister was relaxing in the sitting room with her legs widely open. ...continue

2015-10-25 08:44:09
4075 Views, 4 Likes, 3 Comments

Akpos in trouble - Joke Of The Day

Akpos went to church one Sunday, the pastor was sharing his testimony. He started like this “ Last week, I ran short of money. To the extent that I can not even provide food for my family. With faith, I told my wife lets go the supper market and buy some things. ...continue

2015-10-22 14:10:52
34219 Views, 5 Likes, 13 Comments
funnyMouth  (m)

Akpos robbed a robber - Joke Of The Day

Akpos was coming back from a night party. He dropped a taxi and said “victoria Island!” “Yeah! Enter lets go.” replied the driver. ...continue

2015-10-17 13:46:46
38588 Views, 11 Likes, 22 Comments
Nancy  (f)

Akpos the confused student - Joke Of The Day

One morning, a teacher entered the class and was so disappointed to meet not even a single student. After 30 min, the students started arriving one by one. ...continue

2015-10-12 17:26:55
48897 Views, 8 Likes, 8 Comments

Akpos and his class girl - Joke Of The Day

Akpos and his class girlAkpos: I dreamed about you last nightGirl: Wooo! interestingAkpos: for the first time i had ever dreamed of you. ...continue

2015-10-10 11:49:55
50477 Views, 9 Likes, 9 Comments
Cyndi  (f)

Akpos the funny pastor - Joke Of The Day

A couple got tired of their marriage. They both agreed to divorce. So one day, the man went to pastor Akpos and said "Is it possible for you to divorce me and my wife" ...continue

2015-10-08 16:51:18
37019 Views, 9 Likes, 14 Comments
Lucy  (f)

Like father like son (Akpos) - Joke Of The Day

A woman brought her daughter to Akpos house to complain about him. 'Your son told my daughter to kiss him in front of the whole class!'. She complained. ...continue

2015-10-07 08:25:07
22447 Views, 7 Likes, 10 Comments
™OK' Boi  (m)

Holy Ghost Fire - Joke Of The Day

There was a pastor who wanted to impress his audience by performing miracles, so as to gain more audience. He called his son and said to him, "On Sunday, you will go up into ...continue

2015-10-03 23:23:57
21032 Views, 3 Likes, 1 Comments

Mad man advice - Joke Of The Day

A young guy got mad after taking 15 raps of Indian hemp.He went and sat at the high way with cutlass.People where begging him to leave the road but he refused. ...continue

2015-10-02 16:55:04
43605 Views, 8 Likes, 16 Comments

More beer - Joke Of The Day

A man came home from an exhausting day at work, plopped down on the couch in front of the television, and told his wife: "Get me a beer before it starts!" ...continue

2015-09-28 17:21:23
23249 Views, 4 Likes, 2 Comments
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