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Kolisky40  (m)

Brainy wife - Joke Of The Day

Wife : Honey, can u do me a favour? Husband : Sure, anything for you luv Wife : Can you kill a lion for me? Husband : Are you mad? To kill a lion for ...continue

2016-01-19 23:11:32
1429 Views, 2 Likes, 5 Comments

Akpos Illiteracy killed her Grandmother - Joke Of The Day

Akpos visited his grandma. His grandma wasn't feeling well, so she went to the nearby pharmacy to buy some drugs for herself. After dinner, she brought out the drugs to take. She checked the directives and saw "2 X 3 daily" as written by the chemist. ...continue

2016-01-17 12:10:18
4872 Views, 6 Likes, 10 Comments

Laughable moment at work - Joke Of The Day

That laughable moment at your work place when your boss' female secretary comes out angry out of his office, and you ask her “What ...continue

2016-01-14 20:07:58
4481 Views, 3 Likes, 15 Comments
Fred(B-goF)  (m)

Akpos Arrested>>>The Daily Gossip Newspaper<<< - Joke Of The Day

No wonder why most nairajokers are inactive today!!! During his leisure time this morning, Akpos went to the market because he was bored at home. He decided to buy a loaf of bread. He sat on the shade of a certain tree close to his village to eat the bread. As he was eating, a police officer arrived at the spot & the following conversation took place: ...continue

2016-01-12 22:25:31
5421 Views, 2 Likes, 13 Comments

Miss Call - Joke Of The Day

A boy got a miss call. He went to school and asked his teacher: “Miss why did you send me a call?” Teacher: “I didn’t.” ...continue

2016-01-11 10:58:55
1736 Views, 2 Likes, 2 Comments
Xrizzy Xriss  (m)



2016-01-08 08:07:10
1558 Views, 1 Likes, 4 Comments
Blue$ky  (m)

After 4 Weeks Of Unprotected Sex !! - Joke Of The Day

Girlfriend: Hi Hubby. Boyfriend: Hi Baby Girlfriend: I wanna tell you something. Boyfriend: Ummmm Okey Shoot Girl: Pliz promise me you wont be ...continue

2016-01-05 14:18:21
4444 Views, 1 Likes, 19 Comments
™OK' Boi  (m)

HOT NAKED WIFE - Joke Of The Day

A Lady had been married to a man for a while, yet she is so hot that every time her husband goes away on a business trip, she invites not ...continue

2015-12-29 04:21:13
7625 Views, 1 Likes, 3 Comments

5000 Salutes to Nairajokers - Joke Of The Day

Merry Christmas and Happy new year in Advance Nairajokers.should incase u wan know me,i'm ur guy,friend and Lover of Nairajokes Centee b(#B-goF).i wan use this opportunity to Salute all nairajokers. . . Kasieze(#B-goF) my Man i knw say u dey enjoy urself,ah! Na u go drink all the bottles of beer wey dey there,gimme one bottle may i help u nah,but before that cum take one SAL ...continue

2015-12-24 07:04:07
1142 Views, 1 Likes, 16 Comments
sirballat  (m)

nigerian palava - Joke Of The Day

Nigerian parents will put 'beware of Dogs' when their daughters are young and cute[teen] when they get above 30rnand no one is coming to marry them, the sign will change to 'ice block sold here'. . All na strategy. . . There is God. ...continue

2015-12-22 08:53:53
1415 Views, 1 Likes, 3 Comments

sensible mad people - Joke Of The Day

Following the policy of Calabar government to keep the town clean for carnival. All the mad people in the town where captured. After given them 20 strokes of cane each, the controller cleaned them up and wore them new cloth. The controller order them not to talk and remain calm as he convey them to the Northern part of Nigeria. ...continue

2015-12-19 08:48:26
3922 Views, 1 Likes, 18 Comments
MhIzTa DaVe  (m)

Me and ma maths teacher - Joke Of The Day

I met my secondary school maths teacher,and he asked for the direction to zenith bank in my area. I told him to make a 2pie turn,walk for about ...continue

2015-12-11 15:37:10
1971 Views, 2 Likes, 21 Comments


Olumide grew up in Ogun state. He went to law school in London. After his studies, he decided to come back to Ogun, because he could be a big man in Ogun. ...continue

2015-12-07 06:33:45
1634 Views, 5 Likes, 13 Comments

Little girl - Joke Of The Day

A little girl was watching her mother prepare a fish for dinner. Her mother cut the head and tail off the fish and then placed it into a baking pan. The little girl asked her mother why she cut the head and tail off the fish. Her mother thought for a while and then said, “I’ve always done it that way – that’s how Grandma did it.” ...continue

2015-12-02 07:48:26
3360 Views, 1 Likes, 11 Comments

Logic - Joke Of The Day

There were two nuns... One of them was known as Sister Mathematical (SM), and the other one was known as Sister Logical (SL). ...continue

2015-11-29 08:04:30
3273 Views, 4 Likes, 18 Comments
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