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™OK' Boi  (m)


I gave up on life when I picked up my girlfriend's phone and saw my contact ...continue

2016-03-30 12:06:02
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No prayer - Joke Of The Day

"Johnny please pray for us" "No Mum" Why? Because Jesus Ended the prayer on the cross yesterday! Happy Easter to our de ...continue

2016-03-26 08:08:42
944 Views, 0 Likes, 4 Comments
™OK' Boi  (m)

STARVED OF S*X - Joke Of The Day

A Man was starved of sex because his wife just newly had a baby through cesarean section. One day, the wife said to him, "Eeyaa, my love, I know how ...continue

2016-03-21 23:30:57
8753 Views, 3 Likes, 7 Comments

Easter day - Joke Of The Day

PLANS FOR EASTER Wife: What are your plans for Easter? Husband: Same as Jesus.. Wife: What do you mean ?? Husband:I will disappear on Friday and reappear on Monday!! ...continue

2016-03-19 17:11:00
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GIRL: i have sinned; i called my boyfriend a bastard. PASTOR: So wat did he do to deserve dat? GIRL: He kissed me. PASTOR: You mean like this? The pastor kissed the girl. ...continue

2016-03-17 15:51:27
1232 Views, 0 Likes, 3 Comments
™OK' Boi  (m)

GOOD MAN - Joke Of The Day

I used N4,000 to buy fuel for my car. I decided to use the remaining N1,000 I had left in my pocket to get some food in a restaurant before I face the Lagos ...continue

2016-03-14 15:33:07
1662 Views, 0 Likes, 3 Comments
SexyJoy  (f)

Give it to me - Joke Of The Day

A girl kept on shouting "Give it to me! Give it to me!, I'm so wet, give it to me now!" "If you like shout from now till tomorrow, I wont give yo ...continue

2016-03-10 11:20:13
1892 Views, 2 Likes, 2 Comments

When Akpos wishes are double for politicians. - Joke Of The Day

Akpos found a bottle on the beach. He rubbed it and, sure enough, out popped a genie. "I will grant you three wishes," said the Genie. ...continue

2016-03-05 19:57:49
3275 Views, 6 Likes, 9 Comments
Ajah  (m)

Ladies - Joke Of The Day

Ur girlfriend used your picture as her profile pix, just bcoz her real boyfriend is asleep, by d time her real boyfriend wakes up, she can't change d pix, due to network problem, so she ...continue

2016-03-05 14:25:33
2091 Views, 0 Likes, 4 Comments
Folley  (m)

Sense less Akpos - Joke Of The Day

OKON: Hi, cousin, I learnt that you are no longer free, that you now work at the bakery. AKPOS: Yes yes! OKON: Ah! And you have never ...continue

2016-03-02 00:23:09
2031 Views, 2 Likes, 5 Comments
LayD  (m)

Bored member - Joke Of The Day

After a long preaching in church, the pastor ask all board members to wait for meeting, Akpors was d first 2show up in d meeting room then d pastor said.. Brother is like u misunderstood my announcement.. I called for the board members.. Immediately Akpors said oh.. I though u were calling bored member cos i was really bored during ur preaching.. ...continue

2016-02-28 11:14:24
1475 Views, 1 Likes, 9 Comments
Nelson_Z  (m)

Fake pastor - Joke Of The Day

There is a fake pastor who specialize in making baring women conceive. He use to invite the women to his house and sleep with them with a masked face and with garment at night. Pretending to be Holy Spirit. ...continue

2016-02-26 09:29:13
4660 Views, 4 Likes, 10 Comments
funnyMouth  (m)

Akpos and his girlfriend - Joke Of The Day

Akpos was relaxing with his girlfriend when a call came into her phone. After answering it, Akpos asked "Baby who was that?" Girl: Don't mind mike, he is one of my chykers. ...continue

2016-02-23 08:42:12
5780 Views, 1 Likes, 7 Comments

Mercy,Joy and Grace - Joke Of The Day

A pastor married an uneducated, jealous woman. One day, the woman was in the kitchen, cooking when she overhead her husband praying in the living room ...continue

2016-02-21 21:14:21
3412 Views, 1 Likes, 26 Comments

How Akpos lost his job - Joke Of The Day

One day, Akpos Boss called them and say “I will embark on 2 days trip tomorrow. Ensure you all report to work and do take good care of the office.” ...continue

2016-02-19 16:22:12
6174 Views, 1 Likes, 8 Comments
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