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Funny 15year old girl and her mum .: jokes Joke Of The Day 

A 15year old girl went to her mum crying with blood stain on her hand...
"what is it my dear?" asked her mum.
Girl: I was sleeping and he sneaked into my room.
The mum screamed anxiously "He sneaked into your room?"
Girl (still crying): Yes mum, He gently touched one bit of my naked body after the other.
Mum shouted "Am finished!"
Girl: He continued touching until he got to the most desirable place.
Mum: No no no.. don't tell me he did it.
Girl: Yes mum, as he got dear, he started sucking.
Mum started weaping and crying
Girl: I suddenly woke up and gave him a hot slap and he died.
Mum fainted.
Girl screamed "Mum mum please wake up, it was just mosquitoes"

2017-06-16 07:43:29
pascal (m)


2017-07-09 21:43:15
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