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Nancy  (f)

Akpos the fake pastor .: jokes Joke Of The Day 

A pretty and sexy lady goes to pastor Akpos and tell him
“Pastor! I have cross 40 years and yet am still single. I have met 10 guys but at the time for married they will…… ”
She starts crying.
“My daughter stop crying, I think you have a spiritual husband” says pastor Akpos.
“Yes I have noticed that and that’s why am here for you to help me.”
Akpos got attracted by her sexy body and wants to take advantage of her.
Akpos gazed at her romantically and say
“You see, your spiritual husband kept some repellants in your privates. So I need to go in there, destroy it and then anoint the place. ”
"But thats against the will of God" says the lady.
Akpos got angry and say "Are you here to teach me bible or for deliverance?"
"pardon me sir"
"Don`t you know that some demons require extra ordinary method before you can get rid of them." explained the fake pastor.
The frustrated lady accepted.
After few minutes of love making he then said to her “You are now free and soonest you will get married”.
The lady thanked him and say “I hope any man that makes love to me from today will no longer die”
Akpos fainted.

2015-06-12 19:20:24
Andie (m)

Mmmmmmhhhh nice Nancy.

2015-06-21 11:20:58
SexyJoy (f)

hahahahaha RIP o o o

2015-06-22 14:30:03

RIP@akpors wil we miss u here on earth,we luv bt GOD lvs u d most.LOL

2015-07-10 11:01:09
martines (m)

RIP ackpos

2015-07-20 19:19:30
giditoyo (m)

good one

2015-08-11 12:53:17
Hamsuf (m)

Adieu Akpos. RIP till we meet in d next joke cuz dats wer u're goin ryt nw.

2015-09-10 10:39:09

akpos used condom so he nt die he only fainted bcos of 2much akpako

2015-09-23 17:20:15
ajokky (f)


2015-11-17 08:36:06
Traxzen  (m)

2015-12-30 09:43:32

OFFICIAL THRILLER TAKE ME TO JAIL watch, have fun and wait for the full movie to be premiered in few months time

2017-01-01 14:39:46
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