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Nonso cosmas  (m)

Some marriage maths(s): - Forum

1. Smart man + smart woman = romance 2. Smart man + dumb woman = pregnancy 3. Dumb man + smart woman = affair 4. Dumb man + dumb woman = marriage ...continue

2015-07-04 13:37:35
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paragon  (m)

New element in d periodic table - Forum

A new element has been added to the PERIODIC TABLE: Name: Girl Symbol: Gl Atomic weight: Don't even dare to ask. ...continue

2015-06-14 17:23:12
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Lil Khreeze  (m)

Tales Of Chinobi prt 1 - Forum

After extension classes that fateful saturday evening we were going back to our hostel me and my fweends and arguing about the gal with the biggest butt in Ss3 when we suddenly heard screamings we listened closely to find out what the screamers were screamin, Yha we need not to be told again They were Screaming "Ticket!!!Ticket!!!Ticket" and that was all we needed to know Me and My friends left our discussions to join the streaming crowd of Ss3 onlookers to the direction of the screaming and when we got there it was the Fight of the Season Going on their "Acid" but real name Prince wah squaring it out with "Surface" but real name Emmanuel this to were like the strongest boiz in all of Ss3 and yha i wah somehow scared of them as usual as a fight demands they were chats going on and the only aim was to make the fight more brutal and the first to run loses the fight. We were still shouting when we heard a car horn buh bliving it to b jude the vice principal acads son flirting with his fathers car, we were shocked when our senior boarding house master came out Ehh the retired but not tired soldier that was all we needed and the crowd of over 150 ss3 students left the basketball court that had only one door in less than 30 sec na there yhu go no say boiz dey sharp and "as a sharp guy wey in mumsy sey make in no follow the crowd" Na so me i disembark go find my self for ss1(g) as i laid down trying to find out if the coast wah clear . I started hearing a faint sound and i listened closely it wah a woman moaning buh no be naija voice sha so as a "Beta pikin" wey i b I started tip toeing to the boxroom door then i opened it with force yha there she was Gift the Birthday gal that wanted to skip her birthday beaten watching bf as i saw her i juh smiled and closed the boxroom door back buh this time around i wah inside the boxroom with her and i wah like 'Gift do yhu mind if i join in yhur movie' and she said 'no problem i was even getting bored of watching it alone' yes!! That was all i needed i sat down close to her my hands over her shoulders and resting patiently on her boobs like a lion waiting for its prey we watched it togeda for like 3mins when i decided to make a move so i squeezed her left boob and she shocked me she stood up and Gave me a dirty slap and said'thats for wasting time' ehh brother yhu say 'waiting' i turned her and her ass wah facing me and i said'silver and gold i have not but a 7.2 inch d*ck will i give yhu' and i starte squeezing her left boob from behind withmy left hand while my right hand was doing the right thing E.g finding its way to her kitty and when it got there she signalled its arrival with a gasp yha i started finger bleeping her and as i continued her moan increased so to avoid us being caught i turned her again this time making her face me and i closed her lip with mine and continued finger fucking her while she struggled to free her lips from mine so she could moan louder so i decided to let her have her way xo as not to kill her mood after finger fucking her for like 3mins i requested her to give me a mouth gig which she did wow as she wah sucking my tool i wah squeezing her boobs and she wah switching my hands after 2mins of getting a head i told her that it was time for the big "D" to be introduced and she was like "ehmm chinobi yhu know daht yhu will b the First boi to bleep me in Fgc and i dnt want to b a mother at 16" ahh if any persin dey dull no b chinobi i quickly brought out my First aid kit aka "Wallet" and inserted my Most treasured jewel in to my most treasured tool and as i inserted it into her kitty cat she let awt a quite large moan and as i moved to close her mouth she just gave me the permission to kil her she wah like "Chinobi fuck me and fuck me real hard" and as i closed her mouth i started thrusting and yha i wah thrusting real hard and she wah letting out stiffled moans when the box room door Opened and it was ................ ...continue

2015-06-10 16:42:51
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Mc lopez  (m)

COPY CAT - Forum

an illitrate woman gave birth to a set of twins (boy nd girl) and promised she must give the girl a name to match what ever the husband gives to the b ...continue

2015-06-09 17:17:47
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lukmarz  (m)

Riddles - Forum

A cock is under a tree nd d cock is about 2 lay eggs @ d right is rough surface nd @ d left is smooth surface, hw wil it lay d egg without breaking or ...continue

2015-05-30 09:11:09
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Nairajokes  (m)

Bye Bye Mr President - Forum

Am going to miss this gentle man. If not for any other thing but for accepting defeat. Not only that he accepted defeat but he did it with pure heart for the peace of the Nation. Its only a man of integrity can do that. That's what leadership should be. Hoping that the new president will have the heart to do so in 2019. ...continue

( 1 photo )
2015-05-29 06:23:09
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lastborn  (m)


Lets laugh.. I Enterd a bus from Kwara to Enugu. After som mins, i decided to scare d passengers. So i brought out my fone.. And startd fakin a call.'' hello oga, i don dey ...continue

2015-05-27 15:01:24
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Que? - Forum

Who is the best j ...continue

2015-05-12 10:36:58
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Nairajokes  (m)

Best joker - Forum

Who is your best ...continue

2015-05-04 21:40:27
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Appreciation - Forum

I want to appreciate those that reads our jokes especially does that make out time to like, comment and even post their own jokes. Thank you all and w ...continue

2015-05-03 15:56:50
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Kruzkid  (m)


@Kasieze.Linda.Lucy.Luda.Dera.Peterchris.Gala Mouth.Bethni.Breny.Mc Olu Sustain.Squash.Chibuzo.Cudioe Gwen.Famous.Placid.Damarsu.Pwinxe.A J C.Oliseh4r ...continue

2015-01-18 14:06:47
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Nairajokes  (m)

Sunday Wishes - Forum

On behalf of the Nairajokes management team, i want to use this opportunity to thank all of you guys for contributing in one way or the other for the progress of this site. ...continue

2015-01-18 12:21:48
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Famous  (m)


Rev. Reinherd Bonke came to a small villaqe in warri. 15 minutes as he started his preachinq,He noticed that the people are leavinq. He then call on a ...continue

2015-01-15 00:18:23
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