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Wezzybm  (m)

THE WORST ENGLISH .: jokes Forum
Worst english ever
(1) Don't dare talk in front of my back.
(2) Stop making noise like empty sardine tin of milk.
(3) Take 5cm wire of my length.
(4)All of you stand in a straight circle.
(5)Be quiet...... the principal just passing away
(6) I have 3daughters, they are all girls
(7) Did you see me on the radio
(Both of the 3 of you get out of my class
(9) The sons of the man is a boy
(10) This is your permanent place, sit here for the main time.
(11) Take the lead and follow me.
(12) I would rather kill myself than commit suicide.
(13) She is a boy
(14) I saw you last night early morning.
(15) Why shy I shy, am I a children?
Add yours and let's catch fun!

2017-02-15 21:09:17
flourish (f)

why shine i shy am i not a peole.

2017-02-20 21:56:00

and we are a person

2017-02-27 22:20:08
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