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wrote this in 2014. And it put me in a little trouble though. Lol .: jokes Family Jokes 

I wrote this in 2014. And it put me in a
little trouble though. Lol!
The Shallow of Ecstasy.
In the morning that marked the 9th
year of their marriage. The cloud was clear and charming like a stunner, the
cool breeze dashed through the
windows to make a tranquil presence.
Maryam has been busy in the kitchen
just after the post fajr athkar(Islamic
remembrance of Allah).The food was eventually ready and she reached for
her husband in a tunefully amorous
voice. Ciroma, her husband who had
just got promoted as a Civil engineer in
his Multinational Company replied on
the bed in a more romantic way, " ...honey, thank you so much, you are a
But something strange happened on
the dining. Maryam was not cheerful as
usual during the meal, she had been
facing a great depression for almost 6 months. She feared discussing it with
her husband yet.
It was about her childhood friend,
Ruqayat, whom they graduated
together. It's been over 8 years after
their graduation, the 32 years old Ruqayat was not still married. Let alone
having kids like her.
At this very moment in her deep
thought. The husband was not sure of
what the problem was. It could not
obviously have been the thought of the new iPhone 6 that her husband had
promised to get her at the beginning of
the new month. "So what could have
been the problem?" Ciroma marveled.
Maryam raised her face to explain what
had kept her in the mood of a great melancholy. Her face beamed with
alluring beauty and tranquility, in
between her lips was an entrancing
grin, she extended her right hand on
her husband's lap to denote she was
ready to speak. Ciroma moved closer in an ecstatic
anticipation of what Maryam was up to
as he dislikes her sad episode
passionately. He was obviously ready to
solve any problem to avoid such
dreaded episode in an oblivious innocence.
Her eyes caught Ciroma's and there was
a romantic pause for a moment.
And she said in a beautiful tone than
ever. "I have been bordered about
Ruqayat's marital challenges. Please honey, I want you to marry her".
Ciroma's face got wet with admiring
tears. what a human! What a thought!
What a feeling! What a great spirit of
Islamic "sisterhood".
How many women can still do this?. (Light goes off)
( (C) BOLLY_SMART 2014. Play writer, Director
and Publisher)

2016-09-30 10:45:36
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