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Man and wicked son .: jokes Family Jokes 

A man who was in need of job wrote several application letter and attached to each were his cv which he was to submit @diff company..... He went out one day n came bk very tired n hungry n he sent his son to buy him bean-cake 'Akara' n garri.....He was busy eating a piece of d akara when he discovered sumtyn on a familiar handwriting on the paper,he dropped d akara immediately n made his way to d room...he opened his locker n discovered his files n application letters were missing.... As he returned to d living-room he found his son on the chair with legs crossed busy with the akara n garri n d funniest part of it was dt he was singing..... It's our wk o..soft wk...If u were d father wat would u do?

2016-11-04 09:21:44
Johnhero (m)

hmmmm deal with him

2017-04-19 20:25:50
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