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I won a huge amount of money .: jokes Family Jokes 

Sheliz went to meet his wife and said:

Sheliz: sweetie, you won't believe what happened
Wife: what is that?
Sheliz: I won a huge amount of money
Wife: sebi you've drink again, I told you to stop drinking, now you are saying rubbish
Sheliz: I didn't drink, I am serious, I won #25million
Wife: I hope you didn't steal efe's money shaa
Sheliz: you don't know when someone is serious...have I told you something like this before
Wife: are you serious
Sheliz: am very serious honey...
Sheliz convinced his wife, the wife was very happy that she went to market and bought foodstuffs,meats, fish and ponmo with the money she earned from her petty trade that is meant for their house rent...she cooked a very nice meal that night, they both enjoyed themselves after they finished eating, the wife took sheliz to their room and they had s*x after that the wife now asked sheliz:
Wife: dear, am very happy, now we've moved from grass to grace....
(Sheliz did not talk, the wife proceeds).. Honey but when and where did you win the money
Sheliz: (smile) in my dream and my dreams always come true...

If you were the wife, what would you do?

2017-04-12 18:44:40
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