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Clash of talents joke: I carry 3rd
Akpos no dey carry Last
Akpos :- Papa, See my result, Na me
carry 3rd.
Papa Akpos :- Hahahaha, Akpos
Akpos! Na now I know say na me
born you.
Akpos :- Shey I tell you na. All those
time I dey carry 35th..Na the
teachers dey do ojoro, They know
say I too brilliant.
Papa Akpos :- I believe you my boy.
Na now I fit buy that Bicycle wey you
see for Papa Metus shop !
Akpos :- Papa na u biko. You get
mouth pass BasketMouth.
Papa Akpos :- but, Who be the two
idiots wey pass u sef Akpos?
Akpos :- Na one WIZARD wey be
Isaac and one WITCH wey be
Papa Akpos :- No mind them, You go
show them next term. But who you
come pass na? I no say dem plenty
and you no fit mention all of them, I
just wan know how many of una dey
Akpos :- Na just the three of us I don
mention so na… Isaac, Patience and
Me. Na just the three of us
PRINCIPAL put for Elementary Class
‘F’ !!!
Na im Akpos papa just land for floor,
gboossa, faint o!!!

2016-10-04 17:54:52
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