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Akpos and facebook Team .: jokes Computer Jokes 

Hi Akpors,
somebody tried to login
to your account from
india, but we couldn't
give the person access
to your account
because you haven't log
from india before and
there is no way you
can be in India. You
logged out of your
facebook account from
a location in Nigeria
(Lagos) 1 hour ago,
while the person tried
access your account 30
minutes ago
from India. So to be on
a safe side go and
change your password.
From Facebook Team.
Akpos reply,
Dear facebook team,
how can you say i can't
go to India. That is an
insult to my personality.
I have the right to
visit my account from
any location i want. So
i demand an apology.
Their Reply
Hi Akpors,
we are sorry for that.
But we can only open
the account if the
person can be able to
answer some security
questions to enable us
know that he is the real
owner of the
Akpos Reply,
Ok go ahead and do it
abeg. I'm the one, i'm
in India right now.
So do it abeg. Their
Hi Akpors,
what is the meaning of
Akpos reply,
it means you people
should solve my
problem PLEASE.
Their reply,
Hi Akpors,
it's okay but always
use the language we
understand, not that
Nigerian language. Akpos
Dear facebook team,
this is the second time
people just insulted me.
You said earlier that i
can't go to India and
now you people just
said that i can't speak
What is your problem?
Their reply,
Hi Akpors,
your problem is that
you lack understanding,
infact we pity your
wife. Akpos Reply
Una yansh for there.
Their reply
Hi Akpors, lwkmd.. Your
head dey there
From Facebook Team.

2015-09-02 01:21:11
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