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If facebook was in the bible - Church Jokes

If # Facebook, was there in # Bible times, some Posts would be Like... 1. Guys it's scary. Lot's wife just turned into a pillar of salt.. # Shaking! ...continue

2017-04-14 16:16:52
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what are you giving me - Church Jokes

A wife went to sheliz her husband and said: Wife: Honey what are you giving me as a gift and where are you taking me to on easter Sunday ...continue

2017-04-14 11:33:18
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are you ready - Church Jokes

*DON'T SCROLL DOWN WITHOUT READING THIS* so you won't blame yourself that you were not aware of it...... Brethren especially Christians, they have being telling us very soon, very soon... Some people said it is near, now the truth is this "IT IS NOT VERY SOON AGAIN" nor "IT IS NEAR" but "IT IS HERE" the days are numbered...they have being telling you prepare, get ready, now let me ask you ARE YOU PREPARED, if you are not yet prepared, don't let me say GOD catch you because you still have some days to for me, I am prepared, I have bought ANDREW LIVER SALT that will help me to digest whatever I will eat this coming Sunday which is easter Sunday, the reason why am telling you to prepare is that you should be expecting me on Easter Sunday because I will be going from one place to another to eat as much as I can, because we are celebrating the resurrection of our lord Jesus when you see me, don't be surprised ...continue

2017-04-12 15:41:55
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read without happy - Church Jokes


2017-04-12 11:32:57
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Master D.  (m)

Akpos Confession - Church Jokes

Akpos enters a church n finds the priest."How may I help you son?" asks the priest. "Am looking for my wife, she said she would be here but as I can see she's not around. Now that ...continue

2017-04-05 19:49:38
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You will walk - Church Jokes

*DON'T LAUGH ALONE* I attended a crusade and someone touched my shoulder and said "YOU WILL WALK". I didn't bother because I knew I was not lame. After the crusade, I touched my pocket and I couldn't find my wallet which contained my transport fare`!!! Behold, I WALKED !!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄 ...continue

2017-03-31 10:07:55
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mensturation testimony - Church Jokes

​ During the testimony period in church service; The 16-years old Pastor's daughter stood up and said.... "Praise the Lord!" ...continue

2017-03-28 19:06:36
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Master D.  (m)

Kinds of Hell - Church Jokes

A man dies and goes to hell. Once there, he finds that there is a different hell for each country, so he tries to seek out the least painful one. ...continue

2017-03-28 09:47:30
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Ade in Sunday school - Church Jokes

Teacher:how are you students Students:fyn,thank you ma. Teacher:Ade how are u doing? Ade:fyn ma Teacher:How many of you want to go to heaven? ...continue

2017-03-20 08:55:15
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worship song - Church Jokes

Churches should please endeavor to mount projectors so that song lyrics could be displayed for most people who murder songs #that is how this girl sat beside me in ...continue

2017-02-27 06:35:43
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mcaas  (m)

righteous worshiper - Church Jokes

This message has Awoken me dearly and I think you need it too. I thought I should share it RIGHTEOUS IDOL WORSHIPPER? I wondered why I was in the queue of accused at all. I am intelligent, aggressive, young, totally committed to my God. What am I doing here with this sheet of supposed sins in my hand I wondered? ...continue

2016-12-03 15:02:33
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fire - Church Jokes

This church that they are shouting FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! this early morning... I don't understand if they are aware that the filling ...continue

2016-11-13 09:30:12
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akpos - Church Jokes

Please always wait for the Pastor to end his prayer or statement before you shout "Amen!" Pastor: There's a man here! Man in the crowd: It is me! ...continue

2016-09-18 12:04:48
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Sleeping With The Pastor's Wife - Church Jokes

A guy walks up to his friend one Sunday and says, "I'm sleeping with the pastor's wife. Can you hold him in church after service for me?" The friend agrees and after mass, he ...continue

2016-09-14 18:46:17
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While in church a lady dozed off during the preaching. Suddenly, the lady snapped out of her slumber and what she heard from d pastor was "stand on your feet", so she jumped to her feet. She noticed that she was the only one standing. She also noticed the shock on the faces of the entire congregation looking at her including her husband and daughter. The stares made her confused until the pastor stated, "One person is already up, Sister God bless you. Let me repeat myself for the benefit of those who did not hear me well, this is your last chance!: If you are a witch, stand up on your feet for deliverance! ...continue

2016-08-26 00:52:36
1029 Views, 2 Likes, 2 Comments
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