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The priest's parrots.#B-goF .: jokes Animal Jokes 

A woman went to her
priest with a problem.
“Father, I have two
female parrots, and
they only know how to
say one thing. All they
ever say is, ‘Hi, we’re
prostitutes. Wanna
have some fun?’ ”
“That’s terrible!”
exclaimed the priest.
“But I think I can help.
Bring your two female
parrots over to my
house, and I will put
them with my two
male parrots whom I
taught to pray and read
the Bible. My parrots will
teach your parrots to
stop saying that terrible
phrase, and your female
parrots will learn to
praise and worship.”
The next day, the
woman brought her
female parrots to the
priest’s house. His two
male parrots were
holding rosary beads
and quietly praying in
their cage. The woman
put her two female
parrots in the cage with
the male parrots. The
females said, “Hi, we’re
prostitutes. Wanna
have some fun?”
One male parrot looked
over at the other male
parrot and exclaimed
“Put those beads away,
our prayers have been

2015-12-13 19:33:04

HaHaHaHa,please can somebody clap for petomo.cos this is his greatest achievement since he was is not easy for brainless human being to write his Autobiography.petomo keep it up,go on to tell the story of ur whole family,cos i knw as u said that dog u called ur mum nearly abort u cos u came in through unwanted pregnancy.thats what a son of parrot is good at.#B-goF

2015-12-15 11:44:47
Chinco (f)

This is becoming more interesting

2015-12-15 11:50:29
Petomo (m)

@cenpig b, how would you know that i am brainless, when your mother told me you fell out from her pussy and hit ur head on the floor of a gutter in the motor park you are presently working at.....she told me as i was screwing her with big stout bottle....PS. She also said ur real dad had a toothpick size dick like yours. #pig.gof

2015-12-15 15:03:13

thats is the episode 2 of your life story,but,Be happy that ur mother sorry DOG is open to ur mother is open to you like u don suffer reach say u be Agbero sef,no wonder all this dirty words are gushing out of ur mouth like an uncontrolled water.we are not doing d!*k competition,ur d!*k must be big because after f*cking agbero women,mad people,u even go futher to f*ck goats and so on,but i'm not supprise,cos thats one of the characteristics of agbero no competition with u.i'm leaving a responsible life.#B-goF

2015-12-15 17:47:06
Petomo (m)

Responsible my ass and you first insulted my mum. As responsible as ur father the ogogoro drinker and as responsible as you that have sex with your mother and sisters. Pig. You better go drink rat poison and die, you will be doing the world a lot of good.

2015-12-15 18:43:15

may God bless you.,may better thing block your way,peace be with you @petomo.#B-goF

2015-12-15 19:18:24
Petomo (m)


2015-12-15 21:17:59
Nevangel (f)

Are u guyz ok now?

2015-12-17 20:05:36
Nevangel (f)

I thought we are here to crack jokes and have fun, but sorry i got it all wrong. So can u two pls stop now and lets have fun ok.

2015-12-17 20:08:24

Nevangel the peacemaker,in no time Nollywood will use that to act film.buh i thing thats medicine after death.and anything u c here don just take it like that.#B-goF

2015-12-18 03:11:50
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