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A man went into a pet shop with the intention of purchasing a parrot. In the pet shop were three parrots, he asked for the price of the first parrot and the shop keeper said #20000, he asked what dose it do? the shop keeper said it speaks english, igbo, hausa and yoruba. He then asked for the price of the next parrot and he was told #40000, why he asked and he was told that in addition to the language of the first parrot this one speaks french and spanish. He then saw the last parrot that has been silent since he came into the shop and was looking unkept and has lost alot of feathers and he asked for the price and he was told #90000, why should it be more expensive he asked it dose not look good he said. The shop keeper told him that since they brought in the bird it has said nothing but those other two parrot calls him chairman that why he is more expensive.

2015-10-29 10:27:25
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