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Chinco  (f)

Animal death .: jokes Animal Jokes 

We all know if human being died, they go to either heaven or hell. The question is this; if Animal die where do they go especially the ones we eat.
I have been thinking since morning but could not get an answer. I need Answers

2016-01-19 12:01:57

how did u expect me to be sure, I ve never to go heaven so I didn't know what is going on dia. But dem too must ve. Because dat goat d eat my food and d other one d dat nt trouble me must not go d same places @ chinco

2016-01-19 14:26:55

They goes to animal kingdom

2016-01-19 14:47:23
Lady~f (f)

Their spirit fades here on earth

2016-01-19 15:30:31
Chinco (f)

U tink so@emmy... Animal get kingdom?@kasieze...@lady f, how sure are u

2016-01-19 16:20:24

I have an idea,let one of you pipu turn to Animal and die,then login to nairajokes and tel us. #B-goF

2016-01-19 17:26:50

God gave you the right & dominion over every animal, if you feel bad over an animal being slaughtered what will you feel if a human is being slaughtered? There own ends here nothing more and nothing less.

2016-01-19 22:12:16
kigudu (m)

Dis jst a simple answer.if animal we eat die or hav been eating by us dey go strait to our stotarch after it to d toilet bfor dey get to der final destination wich is manual for our farm product.@chinco.#B-goF

2016-01-19 23:11:06
Takpel (f)

Y cant u do dat 4 us @centee b

2016-01-19 23:17:43
Chinco (f)

Yes, pls do dat 4 us@centee

2016-01-20 00:41:17

I said one of u pipu,i excluded Takpel and Chinco,make urselves the hero. #B-goF

2016-01-20 04:24:52
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