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Alcohol Jokes

get #4000 and above with just #1000 - Alcohol Jokes

Moneydonation is a member to member donation platform . You donate #1000 to to get #4000. HOW IT WORKS Step 1 You register with us, then you will be matched with another user whom you will pay #1000 to. ...continue

2017-02-09 19:38:56
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™OK' Boi  (m)

Akpos drink two bottles of Ogogoro - Alcohol Jokes

Akpos went to Mama Put's shop andrnordered 3rnbottles of Ogogoro.rnHe drank them one after the other. Dayrnafter day,rnhe repeated the ritual. He woul ...continue

2016-05-11 13:59:26
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Abbex  (m)

murder - Alcohol Jokes

Lo ...continue

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2016-04-21 00:22:45
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bright sea  (m)

WHO IS MAD? - Alcohol Jokes

A well dressed man was walking home one afternoon when he got spit on his face by an ill dressed man and for the next 20 minutes they were exchanging ...continue

2016-03-25 12:28:06
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pascal  (m)


DRINKING COMPETITION Two Communities, Ejigbo Ezeagu and Udi in Enugu state, decided to hold a drinking competition. A week to the competition, Ezeagu community sent a ...continue

2016-03-04 21:15:18
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Ajah  (m)

Fuck_up - Alcohol Jokes

HUSBAND: My dear, its like the light in the toilet is now automatic! WIFE: Wat happened? HUSBAND: When I open the door the light came on and after I urinated andclosed the door ...continue

2016-02-27 13:42:53
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oga BOSS  (m)

3 drunk - Alcohol Jokes

three guys entered a taxi, the taxi driver knew they were drunk so he started the engine nd off it again . 'he told them'."we have reached" the 1st ...continue

2016-02-24 21:03:47
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Lady~f  (f)

Nice Combination - Alcohol Jokes

I was passing-by a joint where i saw my friend apkors busy enjoying himself,so i decided to come and say hi to my friend,but to my greatest ...continue

2015-12-28 10:16:00
1337 Views, 1 Likes, 12 Comments
Blue$ky  (m)

Pastor Akpos & His Member - Alcohol Jokes

Pastor Akpos was caught by his church members in a bar drinking a bottle of chilled Star Beer. . Member: Haabaa! Pastor Akpos, you should be ...continue

2015-12-19 20:17:36
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Kristal  (m)

Drunk in the storm - Alcohol Jokes

A guy was on the side of the road hitchhiking on a very dark night in the middle of a terrible rainstorm, and no cars were on the road. The storm was so strong the guy could hardly see a few feet ahead of him. Suddenly, he saw a car come toward him and stop. The guy, without thinking about it, got in the car and closed the door and only then did he realize that there was nobody behind the wheel! ...continue

2015-11-14 09:31:22
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Nigerians be Alcohol Lovers - Alcohol Jokes

Nigerians love Alcohol so much... If Something Good happens, they Drink to Celebrate it. If Something bad Happens, they drink to forget it and ...continue

2015-11-07 09:22:44
1349 Views, 2 Likes, 9 Comments
Petomo  (m)

Two drunk friends. - Alcohol Jokes

Two drunk friends were returning home in the night after drinking a lot of beer. On getting home they ment the gate locked, they knocked and knocked b ...continue

2015-10-28 11:14:28
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Bruno  (m)

Bruno The Taxi Driver - Alcohol Jokes

In the morning bruno taxi driver wake early to find something to feed his family As usual an expected day in his life came little money was made in addition it was month end that he has to pay lent ...continue

( 1 photo )
2015-10-28 09:43:16
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Akpos and Kukere - Alcohol Jokes

Akpos and kukere were caught in a Northern african country, sharing a smuggled barrel of beer. They were arrested and ...continue

2015-10-17 05:11:52
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A drunker from the bar - Alcohol Jokes

A drunk neighbour of mine was coming from a bar (beer parlour). On his way, he met a barrister returning from bar (chamber). So he greeted him, "My learned colleague!". The barrister got angry and replied, "What Nonsense!''. ...continue

2015-10-08 17:43:45
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